Floor & Roofing Systems

We offer in-house engineered wood design. Send us your plans, we’ll take it from there!

Also Available: Boise Engineered Wood

  • Floor and Roof Framing with BCI® and AJS® Joists Light in weight, but heavy-duty, BCI Joists have a better strength/weight ratio than dimension lumber. Knockouts can be removed for cross-ventilation and wiring.
  • Ceilings Framed with BCI Joists and AJS® Joists The consistent size of BCI joists helps keep sheet rock flat and free of unsightly nail pops and ugly shadows, while keeping finish work to a minimum.
  • Versa-Lam® Beams for Floor and Roof Framing These highly-stable beams are free of the large-scale, defects that plague dimension beams. The result is quieter, flatter floors (no camber) and no shrinkage related call-backs.
  • Versa-Rim 98® and Boise Cascade Rim Boards These new rim board works with BCI and Versa-lam products to speed the framing process. They eliminate squash blocks and require no special backing for deck framing or siding.

    Boise Cascade

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